Tired of paying for everything?

BBC Customs LTD. is a service that breaks with the traditional customs service scheme, with flexible options in times, fixed costs and a sense of urgency.

We provide customs clearance services, trade and tariffs for all cargo and companies. 

We reduce bureaucratic procedures, creating systems that ensure that your cargo complies with all regulations required by the authorities.


  • Flat Import and Export rates, without additional charges
  • One Bill for all your Mexican and US customs payments
  • No restriction of schedules for receipt or dispatch of goods 24/7
  • Web tracking
  • Package of free days in warehouse
  • One executive for all your operations
  • Non climate controlled storage and temperature controlled warehouse with more than 96,875 ft² and 10,000 pallet positions
  • Floor load, palletized, oversized and specialized transload
  • Border crossing and own foreign transport from a van to full truck
  • Stuffing and unstuffing
  • Storage
  • Forwarding and distribution management FTL, LTL or courier in all USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Specialization in the consumer, automotive, chemical, textile and pharmaceutical industries


Our staff is always waiting to offer you the best rates options for all your Laredo customs quotes requests. We want to support you in order that you can focus to increasing your sales, while BBC Customs LTD.  resolves the import or export of your merchandise through USA, Canada and México.