We are aware of the importance to ship and receive your cargo with agility and urgency, so we have an excellent  air freight cargo service to and from anywhere in the world and with rates that fit your needs.

Our staff is focused on obtaining for you the best air freight options available to export or import your products, from small shipments to special projects.

Using air freight for your cargo allows you to have flexibility in routes, cargo sizes  and mostly speed in your shipments.


Some of our services:


  • IATA Agent
  • Pickup, stuffing, warehouse to warehouse transfer, delivery
  • Online tracking
  • Hand carrier
  • Multimodal
  • Personalized service
  • Wide variety of cargo insurance  


We want to share with you the benefits of our negotiations with the main airlines and provide you with the best rates in air freight around the world.


Our staff is always waiting to offer you the best rates options for all your air freight quote requests. We want to support you in order that you can focus to increasing your sales, while BBC Cargo Group resolves the import or export of your merchandise from and to anywhere in the world.